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WATCH Jason Kelce heading to the Conference Center to give His First Speech as New Eagles’s Manager




As Jason Kelce tearfully recounted memories of his career in Philadelphia, the perfect connection of the last 13 years wasn’t lost on him.




The Eagles center played out his NFL career for perhaps the only fan base capable of matching the passion he exudes. And after a poignant 40-minute retirement announcement from Kelce sent ripples through that fan base Monday afternoon, the bond between the two was only reinforced.

“It’s only too poetic that I found my career being fulfilled in the city of Brotherly Love,” Kelce said while thanking his brother Travis Kelce for pushing him throughout their childhood.

“Some people struggle to play in this city. They can’t handle the boos, or the media, or our fans. I consider it a great blessing to play in the most passionate sports town in America.”

Few athletes have experienced the city the way Kelce has, enduring down moments and lost seasons while also feeling the highs of the first Super Bowl in franchise history. That experience has led to an understanding that goes both ways, an understanding Kelce explained midway through his remarks while seated in the front of the Eagles auditorium.

The sense of urgency in this city to win has pushed our organization as fuel to take chances, fix problems, and work tirelessly in an effort to win,” Kelce said. “At times, you hate it as an athlete, especially those new to our city, but when you’ve been through it enough, you learn to appreciate it. No one celebrates their own like the city of Philadelphia. Athletes become demigods in this city, even ones whose deeds spanned decades before.”

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