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Travis Kelce Sings Along to ‘You Belong with Me’ While in the Club with Taylor Swift — and Includes Sweet ‘Love’ Lyric Change




“Are you in love with me?” Kelce asked, to the tune of Swift’s hit “You Belong With Me”

Travis had a very important question at a Super Bowl afterparty on Sunday night — and he used Taylor Swift’s song “You Belong With Me” to ask it.



Swift, 34, and Kelce, 34, celebrated the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl win on Sunday night at Zouk nightclub at Resorts World in Las Vegas.

As seen in a video on TikTok, The Chainsmokers DJed the event, and played Swift’s 2008 hit in honor of the Chiefs’ victory and her presence in the club.

Kelce can be seen singing along to the song in the video. When the tight end got to the chorus, he made a pivotal change to the lyrics.

“Are you in love with me?” he sang in the video as he pointed to himself, instead of singing, “You belong with me.” Kelce was in the DJ booth with The Chainsmokers at the time and danced along to the club remix of the song before pulling Drew Taggert into a hug.

“I didn’t know if I should play it or not,” Taggert said to Kelce per a caption in the video.

The Chainsmokers “moved a song in the setlist up for the occasion,” which was “worth it,” according to the video caption.

As for Swift, she didn’t appear to be in the DJ booth while “You Belong With Me” played. The person Kelce turned to as he sang “Are you in love with me?” was off-camera.

However, Keleigh Teller shared another angle of the scene on TikTok, with Swift seen pointing at Kelce. Swift sang along, pointed and raised her glass at someone when the lyrics “Why can’t you see/you belong with me” played.

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