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Travis Kelce shows behind the scenes video from the ‘New Heights’ live show last week… including the chili pit where brother Jason lost his Super Bowl ring




Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce shared a behind the scenes video on social media of he and older brother Jason Kelce’s ‘New Heights’ live show from last week in Ohio.





The video shows Travis and Jason meeting inside Fifth Third Arena in Cincinnati, preparing for the night’s extravaganza, then walking the halls of the venue and outside at Nippert Stadium, the Bearcats football venue, where the event was originally

supposed to take place before inclement weather.

There are also up-close shots of Jason testing out one of the obstacles of ‘The Great Lombaby Games’ and Travis hyping up some of the ‘Team Academic’ competitors, before shifting to B-roll of the show.

Jason and Travis’ entrances from down the tunnel are shown, as well as nearby footage of plenty of the Team Academic vs. Team Athletic events. That includes the Skyline Chili pit where Jason lost is Super Bowl ring.

A week after the event took place at the Kelce brothers’ alma mater is when the behind the scenes video was posted to Travis’ social media.

What an amazing night in Cincinnati!!’ Travis said in the caption. ‘@gobearcats thanks for all the help throughout the event. We’re so grateful for everyone showing up and making it something to remember!!’

‘Congrats to #TeamAcademic and a huge HUGE shoutout to our guest @joeyb_9 @zeus__57 @desmondridder for giving us their time and stories, owe you guys big time!!’ Travis continued. ‘Where should the next @newheightshow LIVE SHOW be?!’

Over 12,000 people attended the ‘New Heights’ live show, with the brothers’ weekly podcast garnering 2.7million subscribers on YouTube.

‘New Heights’ was recently valued at $90MILLION with sponsors racing to strike partnership deals with the football brothers’ show.

The value nearly reaching nine digits has come amid Travis and Jason’s booming popularity. Since Travis’ romance with 14-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift became public in September, all things Kelce have skyrocketed in interest.

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