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Travis Kelce is left in hysterics over story about him ‘falling out of his shorts’ on podcast appearance… with host Andrew Santino forced to cover up NFL star’s crotch with a Chiefs logo to protect his modesty on YouTube!




NFL star Travis Kelce couldn’t help but burst into laughter during a recent podcast appearance when the topic of a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ involving him came up.





Host Andrew Santino was quick on his feet, using a Chiefs logo to humorously cover up Kelce’s crotch and protect his modesty, much to the amusement of viewers on YouTube.

During the podcast, Santino brought up the hilarious story of Kelce supposedly ‘falling out of his shorts’ during an event, leading to a memorable and comedic moment. Kelce’s infectious laughter and Santino’s quick thinking made for an entertaining segment that had fans laughing along with them.

The playful interaction between Kelce and Santino showcased the NFL star’s fun-loving personality and his ability to take such incidents in stride. Despite the unexpected turn of events, Kelce handled the situation with grace and humor, endearing himself even more to his fans.

The podcast episode has since gained traction online, with viewers praising Kelce and Santino for their comedic chemistry and the lighthearted approach to the ‘wardrobe malfunction’ story. The Chiefs logo moment, in particular, has become a highlight, generating buzz and laughter across social media platforms.

As Travis Kelce continues to make headlines both on and off the field, his recent podcast appearance with Andrew Santino adds another memorable chapter to his colorful career.

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