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Jason Kelce Divorce Wife Kylie, Over Paternity Confirmation of their Kids




These past few months, it’s been rare to go a few days without hearing about one of the Kelce brothers.



Many would argue that Philadelphia Eagles center Jason, 36, and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis, 34, are two of the most talented players in the league and their joint appearance playing one another in Super Bowl LVII, back on February 12, the first time two brothers have squared off against one another in the championship game, only seemed to increase their star power more.

With the two reuniting on the field together Monday night November 20 to play one another for the first time since the Super Bowl when the Chiefs narrowly took the championship title, it’s quite clear a lot of attention will be on both of them.

While it’s Travis’ blossoming relationship with pop icon Taylor Swift that has brought even more of a spotlight on the two Cleveland Heights brothers these past few weeks, Jason’s longtime relationship with his wife Kylie McDevitt Kelce, 31, has always been beloved by Eagles fans, with the recent increase in attention only allowing us to fall in love with her just the same. So who is the 6′ 3″ offensive lineman’s wife? Here’s what we know about the couple.

Like many folks these days, the six-time Pro Bowler met the Narbeth, Pennsylvania native on Tinder. Kylie joined Travis and Jason on their New Heights football podcast back in September, where Travis took the chance to ask the couple more about their first time meeting and the beginning of their relationship, and the couple had very different perspectives on that first date.

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