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Jason and Travis Kelce Beg Swifties for a Major Favor in Latest Edition of ‘New Heights’




Jason and Travis Kelce asked for a little help from their new friends, Swifties, after their podcast, New Heights, was nominated for Podcast of the Year in the iHeartRadio Podcast Awards.



On Feb. 8’s episode of the podcast, the Kelce brothers addressed their big nomination, along with nominations for Best Sports Podcast and Best Overall Ensemble. They thanked the 92 percenters, the name of the podcast’s fans, before addressing Travis’ girlfriend Taylor Swift’s crew.

For one special group of fans that have joined the show this year,” said Jason. “Swifties, we’re talking to you right now!” He then jokingly asked the group to “rig this vote please,” adding, “This is not for me, this is for Travis,” as if that might further convince them.

The siblings went on to explain that fans, Swifties or not, can vote for the show once a day until Feb. 18 on the

Right before Jason introduced the Swifties, Travis also quipped, “Bills fans?” as a joke. But Jason admitted that there might be some Bills Mafia members who now listen to New Heights, likely as a result of the brothers’ viral moments from the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the Buffalo Bills.

The Kelces also partnered up with Josh Allen’s charity recently for the sale of new merch, including Funko Pop!’s re-creation of shirtless Jason.

As for the podcast award nomination, New Heights already had an impressive fanbase before Travis started dating Swift, but the singer-songwriter’s fans can certainly make an impact.

Along with the consistently sold-out Eras Tour and other record-smashing sales, the fanbase knows how to get together in support of a mission.

After the Bills lost to the Chiefs, Swifties even stood behind the former team’s kicker Tyler Bass after he started receiving threats, raising thousands of dollars for a charity he supports.

With the Swifties’ track record, they might be able to pull off a big win for New Heights at the iHeartRadio Podcast Awards, too.

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